Fee Schedule

Trent Pink:  218-258-3226


Meters are read on or about the 30th day of each month. Bills are mailed out prior to the 10th day of every month and are payable on or before the 1st day of the following month.


For your convenience, there is an outdoor utility drop box at Billy’s Bar.


Electric:   .0800 cents/kwh + sales tax

Fuel adjustment charge varies each month and is a % of kwh used.


Water:   $8.00 for usage per 100 cubic feet used (7.48 gallons per cubic foot)

Usage over 100 cubic feet is billed at .020 cents per cubic foot.

Water Testing Fee is .53 cents per month.


Sewer:   $13.00 for 100 cubic feet of water used

.0250/cubic foot for greater than 100 cubic feet

Monthly service fee of $15.00



Contract with Waste Management Service

Pickup day is Monday or the next day if Monday is on a holiday.

$11.25 + sales tax per month

St. Louis County Service Fee $5.50 + tax per month.